Thursday, February 20, 2014

ti alak ki Siraya

My senior uncle (my dad's oldest brother) just passed away. He was the last person in my family who farmed the land that was passed down to us. In a few days my family in Tainan, Taiwan will send him - his spirit - away. He was actually the person who revealed the sort-of family secret that we are Siraya. And that revelation has been VERY important to me. So I drew my 7-month-old baby here in front of the Siraya goddess - Alid (inside the clay pot is clean water in which rests the spirit of Alid) - as my send-off gift to my uncle.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

creating characters for a documentary comics story

creating characters for a documentary comics story, if this makes sense. (It does. The characters are based on real people.)
給我和慢工出版社合作的紀錄漫畫<Halo-Halo 馬尼拉>裡的人物作一下設定

Link to the comics project <Halo-Halo Manila>:
慢工出版社<Halo-Halo 馬尼拉>: