Monday, August 6, 2012

random bitz of rock n rolling in Manila

bye bye Manila, hell on earth, a place where I worked for less than a year as an underpaid oversea foreign worker (yes, be proud, Filipinos, consider this your payback time, for my motherland doesn't treat its Filipino workers that well, either, not at all). Granted, Manila isn't very pleasant. but there are definitely things I like here. for the most part, the friends I have been lucky enough to make. and then, those metal (with a bit of punk and even hippie spirits) shows in small, dark, sometimes smelly bars, where I have learned that those mean-looking, middle-fingah-waving people in black shirts not afraid to name death and destruction are actually living and feeling, neither of which an easy task here, in Manila, if you know what I mean...

anyway, so here's my final random shits of Manilan lock'n lolling. (and I do hope to come back for many more gigs in the future, as a visitor.)

oh yes, Manilan metalheads, of course you can use any image here in this blog in your zines for free but please if you are doing it at least mention my name and/or the link to the blog... I mean, come on, you always credit the bands and musicians featured in your zines, so why not give the guy who draws only black and white a lil' love, eh?


surprised to see my doodles in a local zine. nays, nays!