Monday, August 12, 2013

comix letter to my boyz in the Philippines

My in-laws (my wife's parents and two nieces) came from the Philippines to visit my wife, me, and our newborn baby on Guam. They brought us drawings by the boyz from their Quezon City household. Yeah that household is full of boyz - 6 of them - from age 1 to age 12. When I stayed there for a few months in 2012, the boyz called me "Tito Jimi" (Uncle Jimmy). We hung out a lot: we played soccer & badminton, and we drew together. I haven't seen them for a year now & i really miss 'em.

So... anyway, I took some of the things the boyz drew for me and turned them into a comic story, made copies, and asked my mother-in-law to bring them back to the boyz... it's like some sort of "comix letter" I guess :)

Tito Jimi's comix letter:

original drawings by the boyz: